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Value Statement

The world leader in driving vitality, relevance and quality across the NIF profession furthering its trust and influence.


We are committed to upholding the highest shari’ah ethical standards to maintain trust and credibility with colleagues, members and the public.


We are empowered to exceed our personal and organizational goals with excellence and exceptional member service.


We are encouraged to challenge ourselves to take chances and apply creative ideas and approaches to all that we do without contradicting the shari’ah.

NIFP-West Africa

NIFPWA is an independent professional body dedicated to the development of Non Interest Finance Professionals in strict accordance to AAOIFI international standards applicable for Non Interest Financial Institutions. As a professional body, representing non interest professionals, it is a legal entity registered under the Organization for the harmonization of corporate law in Africa {OHADA}.


Email: info@nifp-westafrica.org, admissions@nifp-westafrica.org

Telephone: +22960522857
Adress: Place publique Qtier Guaoko Misserete 2291 Porto- Novou Republic of Benin